Forest Lawn

The Facts:

Not all cremations are carried out in your community. In fact, some take place over 100 miles from the funeral home without the family’s knowledge or consent. We think it’s important for you to have the information you need to make an informed decision on your loved one’s final wishes.

Your Local Choice

If your loved one’s desire is to be cremated, you have the option to fulfill that request right here at home. Forest Lawn Crematorium has been a part of the region for over 20 years. You can take comfort in knowing that local professionals are taking care of your affairs with decorum, and according to our community’s standards and best practices.

In Your Community

Our partners ensure that your family has access to cremation services on your terms. They offer your family a local choice in Sundridge, Sturgeon Falls, North Bay, Powassan and Mattawa. Click on our partners below to contact them about your plan.

Our Partners